Look up

When the world sits weary on your shoulders
And you walk with heavy step
Do not look down at the grey below your feet
Look up, look up at the world instead
Look up to see the sky
No matter what colour it might be
You see those clouds dancing by?
Well one of them might just be me
Look up at the trees that shake and shimmer
Hear the wind speaking soft and low
And remember
I am with you wherever you may go
Look up and think of me smiling
At the beauty I can bring
In the wind, in the clouds,
In every living thing
I'm always alive in your memories
And held tightly in your heart
Look up, so all the world can see
We will never be apart


Linda Hodgson


​I have made the decision not to put up testimonials from my families, particularly those that I have conducted funerals for.

I believe these to be private exchanges of gratitude.  I have received many messages of thanks, particularly for the Eulogies I have written for family's loved ones.
I have been told that this is truly my vocation and that my eulogies are beautiful.

It is an honour and a pleasure to be able to create a beautiful end of life story.

Instead I am putting up here a poem, written by me, that some of my families have asked me to read during the service.