On a beach, in a field, on top of a hill, in your back garden, or in any other venue of your choice, providing you have permission.   Where you have your wedding and the content of your wedding ceremony can be as personal, intimate, or as grand as you like. 

Religious weddings held in a church have been the tradition in our culture for the past few hundred years, but today, more people are choosing a non-religious wedding, or a Civil Wedding. 

As an Independent Life Celebrant, I can work with you to create a wedding ceremony that is truly right for you.  Did you know that providing you have gone through the registration of your marriage, (which can be done at any time beforehand in your local registry office) you can hold a wedding ceremony wherever you want?  It does not have to be at an approved (licensed) venue.  Exchanging vows, exchanging rings, the music you choose, the readings, any symbolic rituals are all ceremonial, and can be done at any location. 

You don't have to stick with standard wording  either, and if you want something more personal, romantic, humourous or fun, that reflects your hopes and dreams for your life together, then that can be done. Even if you have chosen to marry with a registrar in an approved venue,  I can still come and conduct a more personalised ceremony, so that what you say to each other and what happens in the ceremony can be created just for you, to make your day reflect what makes you the unique couple that you are.

Your wedding is simply a declaration of love and committment between you both, and I can help you make it the day of your dreams.